Our report sets out critical and actionable solutions
and investments to meet the challenge of the age of
pandemics, and to avoid a repeat of the catastrophic
damage that COVID-19 has brought. The Panel
arrived at its recommendations after intensive
deliberations and consultations with a wide range
of stakeholders and experts around the globe
over a period of four months. We urge that our
proposals be discussed, developed further, and
implemented as a matter of urgency.
Scaling up pandemic preparedness cannot wait
until COVID-19 is over. The threat of future
pandemics is already with us. The world faces
the clear and present danger of more frequent and
more lethal infectious disease outbreaks. The current
pandemic was not a black swan event. Indeed, it
may ultimately be seen as a dress rehearsal for the
next pandemic, which could come at any time, in the
next decade or even in the next year, and could be
even more profoundly damaging to human security.

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