This report, the second of two volumes, summarizes RAND Project AIR FORCE’s work
exploring the views of the enlisted and civilian workforce on these topics. Our study builds upon similar recent RAND Corporation work focused on understanding the views of the officer cyber workforce (see Hardison et al., 2019). The results from this study are intended to inform
policymaker decisions about changes to USAF offensive and defensive cyber training and
development efforts, as well as USAF efforts to recruit and retain the best personnel for the job.
In this volume, we present our findings on recruiting and retention; in Volume I, we present our
findings on training and development (Hardison et al., 2021). Some of the material presented in
this volume—such as the impetus for our research and our overall approach—is repeated in
Hardison et al., 2021. This report should interest cyber community leadership, USAF and U.S.
Department of Defense leaders concerned with the management of the cyber workforce and the effectiveness of the cyber warfare mission more broadly, and USAF and U.S. Department of
Defense senior leaders responsible for managing USAF career fields.

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