In recent years, the tendency of the number of financial institutions to include cryptocurrencies
in their portfolios has accelerated. Cryptocurrencies are the first pure digital
assets to be included by asset managers. Although they have some commonalities
with more traditional assets, they have their own separate nature and their behaviour
as an asset is still in the process of being understood. It is therefore important to
summarise existing research papers and results on cryptocurrency trading, including
available trading platforms, trading signals, trading strategy research and risk management.
This paper provides a comprehensive survey of cryptocurrency trading research,
by covering 146 research papers on various aspects of cryptocurrency trading (e.g.,
cryptocurrency trading systems, bubble and extreme condition, prediction of volatility
and return, crypto-assets portfolio construction and crypto-assets, technical trading
and others). This paper also analyses datasets, research trends and distribution among
research objects (contents/properties) and technologies, concluding with some promising
opportunities that remain open in cryptocurrency trading.

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