CyBOK Version 1.0 would not have been possible without the support of the UK’s National
Cyber Security Programme that provided the funding for the project. We are grateful to the
numerous colleagues across the cyber security community who provided input during the
scoping phase, authored and reviewed the KAs, offered guidance through participation in
our Professional Advisory Board and Academic Advisory Board or, informally, during presentations and discussions at various conferences and events. We are also thankful to our
project manager, Yvonne Rigby, for her diligence, commitment and endless energy in coordinating the work of a large number of experts across the world. We are also grateful to the
researchers who worked on the project, most notably Joseph Hallett for research on curricular
frameworks and learning pathways. We would like to thank our colleagues in NCSC who
formulated the idea of, and secured funding for, a cyber security body of knowledge project.
We also thank Fred Piper and Steven Furnell who provided input and comments as external
reviewers for the NCSC. The researchers, authors, expert panel members, Professional Advisory Board and Academic Advisory Board are listed below. Last but not least, our thanks to
the wider cyber security community of researchers and practitioners for providing critical and
constructive input throughout to help shape the scope and the KAs for CyBOK Version 1.0.

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