It is impressive that Morocco’s population now has full access to electricity, one of the
key pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 on energy. Morocco is
also leading the deployment of renewable energy in North Africa and the Mediterranean
with an impressive track record in developing solar technologies, most notably
concentrating solar power (CSP) and hybrid technologies with solar photovoltaic at the
world’s largest CSP park in Ouarzazate. Morocco has increased the hours of storage in
its CSP plants and is investing in new interconnections and market integration with
European neighbours, thus ensuring greater security, efficiency and flexibility of the
power system.
Morocco is pursuing an ambitious energy transition pathway. More investments will be
needed from both the private and public sectors to meet its renewable and energy
efficiency targets. We can commend Morocco for phasing out most of the fossil fuel
subsidies, beginning to create the basic institutional framework for an effective power
market, and setting up the national regulatory authority.

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