This study aims at assessing the Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs)
in Jordan with an updated eco-system reflecting the better resourced Social Entrepreneurship
eco-system characterized by comprehensive information; covering the
stakeholders’ identification data, ongoing projects and initiatives, work scope, and their
targeted groups, accurate data based on a well-developed survey and analysis of the
survey data by the authors’ experience in this field. This study also aims at assessing
the SESOs capacity to coincide their desired needs and their actual needs and limit
the social innovation concept variation among the different institutions in the ecosystem.
This study also provides a survey analysis for the Social Entrepreneurship Support
Organizations (SESOs); as an attempt to identify their characteristics and roles in
Jordan by adopting the methodology of qualitative and quantitative analysis approaches.
Results show that (57.89%) of the SESOs in Jordan have dedicated programs that focus
on women’s inclusion, and that (68.42%) are hiring more than 50% of their staff. Besides
that, results also show that (59.65%) of the SESOs in Jordan did not dedicate programs
for people with disabilities (PWD); which is a high portion in neglecting this segment of
people. Besides that (54.39%) do not have designed facilities friendly using for people
with disabilities. Moreover, results show that (73.68%) had dedicated programs for
youth with different age groups, and (77.19%) of the SESOs in Jordan had attempted
to identify, understand, and actively remove barriers that exist for certain groups of
young people in society. Moreover, (70.18%) of the SESOs in Jordan had organized
specific outreach mechanisms to identify, meet, engage, and/or serve different population
groups. Finally, results show that (38.60%) of the SESOs in Jordan had dedicated
programs for refugees.

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