Facial Recognition Technology: Responsible Use Principles
The discussion of facial recognition technology (FRT) comes at a politically charged moment. Some of the concerns raised in the discussion of FRT are based on erroneous information. To address legitimate concerns, the use of FRT must be demonstrably consistent with constitutional protections, and this requires clear guardrails—laws, rules, and policies—for the use of FRT. These guardrails are best developed by Congress to provide consistent national rules.
The level of confusion and misinformation in the FRT discussion is astounding. Some of this is
understandable given that the research literature is often opaque, but public discussion of FRT must be better informed. FRT is improving rapidly, and any critique based on data from even a few years ago runs the risk of being entirely wrong. Determining ground truth on issues of accuracy and bias—something that is currently in short supply—is essential for good policy.

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