When London Business School graduate Lyz Swanton and Harvard Business School
graduate Riya Grover met in 2016, they discovered they shared not just a passion for
eating healthily, but the pain of not being able to access good-quality food easily in
the workplace. The idea for Feedr was born.
Based in London, Feedr delivers personalized meals to office workers as an alternative
to companies setting up their own canteens. Its flagship product, Cloud Canteen,
assembles daily rotating menus from high-quality local food vendors – mostly artisan
and independent food producers – for delivery to offices across the city. The click-and-collect
app in effect digitizes the physical office canteen, and companies can use it as a
wellbeing and engagement tool for employees. The startup enjoyed such solid growth
that the founders were able to sell to UK multinational food-service company
Compass Group – the largest contract foodservice company in the world – for US$24
million (about £17.5 million) in March 2020.

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