We are living in a fast-changing world. However, in
In the midst of this uncertainty, strategic decisions must
be made, whose outcomes and impacts might only
become apparent several years or even decades later.
This is true, especially for forests and forest products,
where more than a generation’s lifetime can lie
between planting and harvest. In addition, forests are
complex ecosystems with important linkages to water,
soil, and biodiversity, providing a wide range of goods
and services. Thus, decisions about policies for the
The future of forests and their products are highly complex.
They might also require difficult trade-offs between
economic objectives, impacts on the labor market,
environmental protection, climate change mitigation
and adaptation, as well as other strategically important
The objective of this study is to provide support to
these decisions. Through scenario analysis,
stakeholders can evaluate the long-term consequences
of their policy choices or structural changes on which
they have little influence. The study thus aims to
contribute to evidence-based and transparent policy
formulation and decision-making.
The audience for this study includes both public and
private-sector decision-makers, as well as other
stakeholders in the forest sector.

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