In light of the urgency to decarbonise the transport sector, batteries offer the best route to a carbon free road transport system and are the key technology underpinning the transition of road vehicles to zero emissions, freeing the sector from its dependency on fossil-fuels. With battery electric vehicles (BEV) expected to replace conventional cars in Europe, the demand in battery cells and battery raw materials like lithium, nickel and cobalt is set to grow in the coming years. But how can
the demand for battery materials be met sustainably? And how does a battery-based road transport system compare to the current fossil driven road mobility? In this report T&E analyses forecasted supply and demand of battery cells and associated raw materials in Europe, looking at how recycling can reduce the need for battery primary materials. The report highlights the superiority of the battery-based mobility system – whether on raw material demand, energy efficiency or cost – compared to the current oil-based system.

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