Morocco is a strong, stable, willing, and able partner for the United States across the broad
range of issues detailed in the National Security Strategy (NSS). Morocco values its engagement
– including as a Major Non-NATO Ally and a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partner – with the
United States and continues to expand bilateral cooperation across security, political,
economic, and cultural spheres. As an exporter of security and a moderating voice in regional
politics, Morocco shares our interests and amplifies our efforts in countering violent extremism
(CVE) and promoting religious tolerance. U.S. assistance to Morocco yields an excellent return
on investment, as we jointly focus efforts on programs including rule of law, economic growth,
military interoperability, and political reform. Avoiding the turmoil that has beset other
countries in the region, Morocco has maintained security and stability while advancing
democratic and social reforms under its 2011 constitution. A key constraint to Morocco’s
security and prosperity is its top foreign policy priority: the status of Western Sahara, where a
UN peacekeeping mission monitors the 1991 ceasefire. The USG supports UN efforts to restart
the stalled political process. The U.S. Mission leverages our interagency expertise to work with
Morocco on shared bilateral and regional goals in four major areas:….etc.

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