Demand for digital transformation will fuel double-digit growth in spending
on enterprise applications, infrastructure software, and managed services
and cloud infrastructure services with enterprises investing ahead of revenue
expectations in areas such as analytics, cloud computing, customer
experience and security.
For large enterprises, this means nearly every company is becoming a tech
company and every market will be even more competitive in 2022. Successful
leaders will update their storytelling and key points of differentiation, obtain
deeper insight into new buying behaviors, drive continuous product management
practices outperform competitors across the entire customer life cycle, plot
their future ambitions/transformation strategies and overcome the talent crunch.
Gartner Leadership Vision provides top-level guidance to leaders and their
teams on where to focus — based on our data-driven research. We’re providing
detailed insights to our clients across dozens of roles, and we’re now excited
to share excerpts with the business community beyond our clients. We hope
this will help you to focus discussions with your teams, peers, and other leaders,
so you can more quickly and effectively diagnose priorities and actions,
especially as you solidify your strategic plans for 2022.

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