Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in many aspects. It is essential for Europe to consider how to make the most of the opportunities from this transformation and to address its challenges. In 2018 the European Commission adopted the Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence1 that was developed together with the Member States to maximise the impact of investments at European Union (EU) and national levels, and to encourage synergies and cooperation across the EU. One of the key actions towards these aims was an encouragement for the Member States to develop their national AI strategies. The recently
published 2021 review of the Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence2 presents the actions taken by the European Commission and sets concrete proposals and recommendations for further joint actions between the EU and Member States in order to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness in the global AI landscape.
The review of national strategies is one the tasks of AI Watch, which was launched by the European Commission to support the implementation of the Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence.3 The first review of national strategies was published in February 2020.4 Building on the 2020 release, this report presents an updated review of national AI strategies from the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland. By June 2021, 20 Member States and Norway had published national AI strategies, while 7 Member States were in the final drafting phase. Since the 2020 release of the AI Watch report, additional Member States – i.e. Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain – published their strategies, while Cyprus, Finland
and Germany have revised their initial strategies.5

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