Public sector actors will face major challenges
in the coming decades and their
innovation capacity will be a key factor in
how successful they are in dealing with
several societal challenges.

They represent important facilitators in enabling society to
achieve the short and long-term goals regarding welfare and
a good living environment for its citizens, in accordance with
Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. These
issues are affected by the sector’s own operations, but in
many cases they also establish the rules of play for the rest of
society’s contributions.
Since 2012, Vinnova has worked strategically to support
increased innovation within the public sector. This work includes
agreements with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities
and Regions (SALAR) and the National Agency for
Public Procurement with joint initiatives aimed at supporting
expanded knowledge and competence. Vinnova has also issued
calls for proposals to fund innovation projects. Through
initiatives and contacts with various public actors, Vinnova’s
knowledge within the area has gradually been built up. This
report compiles the lessons learned in the process.

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