How do the corrupt enjoy their illicit gains without
getting caught? Far too often, by buying luxury
property in the world’s most sought-after cities.
Real estate is a significant vector for money
laundering, allowing criminals to integrate dirty
money into the legal economy.
Among other things, real estate is an attractive
investment as it enables corrupt individuals to:
 place large amounts of cash in a single purchase
 conceal property ownership behind anonymous
 continue using dirty money to renovate and
improve real estate, increasing its value;
 resell property and emerge with clean money.
The decision of where to invest in real estate will
depend on the stability and reliability of the real
estate market in the country, as well as on the risks
of having a dirty deal uncovered and punished. Not
surprisingly, the corrupt and criminal favour stable
markets with inadequate anti-money laundering
laws and where anonymity is guaranteed.

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