Logistics services in India are relatively costly, ranging between 13% and 14% of
gross domestic product (GDP) as compared to 8% in the United States and 9.5% in
Germany.1 The Government of India is keen to reduce inefficiencies in the sector and
bring down logistics costs to improve competitiveness and increase India’s participation
in global and regional value chains.
The Asian Development Bank is supporting the Logistics Division, Ministry of
Commerce and Industry, Government of India, in improving and simplifying logistics
processes to bring in efficiency, enhance ease of doing business, and reduce the overall
logistics cost at export–import gateways (ports and airports). For this purpose, detailed
port-process mapping was undertaken at two key gateways—Jawaharlal Nehru Port
(JNPT) and Visakhapatnam Port (VPT)—to…..

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