China has the largest workforce in the world, and the economy in which citizens live and work
is in the throes of dynamic change. China is modernizing and digitizing, and is now turning
its attention to how to ensure that workers have the skills they need for the next phase of
the country’s economic journey. After three decades of educational reform, the new focus is
on reskilling and embedding an ethos of lifelong learning in China’s workplaces and society.
This report focuses on ways to reform China’s talent-development systems. It builds on MGI’s
extensive research on China’s economy and global analysis on the future of work. Educational
reform is a broad topic that includes philosophy, culture, history, and society, and requires
in-depth expertise from academics, policy makers, educational institutions, parents, and
students. In this research, however, we take an economic lens, focusing in particular on
the development of skills.

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