To see how the industry has been affected by
COVID-19 and how it might thrive in the future,
we have synthesized ongoing Skift and McKinsey
analyses and interviewed travel executives and
major corporate travel buyers. In so doing, we
observed a few themes that perhaps run counter to
First, we see signs of latent demand for travel.
Customers are interested in and willing to travel
again when they are allowed to do so, even before a
vaccine is available at scale. China—which, as of the
time of writing, has effectively controlled the virus
spread—is seeing domestic recovery in both the
leisure and business travel segments. Europe, led
by Germany, shows encouraging first signs of travel
demand recovery. Other geographies, including the
United States, have not yet effectively controlled the
spread of the virus, but even so, we see a considerable
amount of searches and advance bookings….

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