Two thousand and twenty-one was a great year for the sporting goods industry, which
performed the rare feat in tough economic circumstances of returning to pre-COVID-19 levels
of growth. Around the world, sporting goods players capitalized on tailwinds that commenced
in 2020, and picked up pace as lockdowns eased and the wider economy started to reopen.
Still, while growth has returned, the industry playing field has changed amid increased health
awareness, shifting channel preferences, and rising sustainability concerns. These themes
have become more established over the past year, leading to permanent shifts in consumer
sporting activities and shopping habits.
To be successful in this new environment, the industry needs to continue to adapt both its
customer propositions and its operational capabilities. This report provides an update to our
thinking in last year’s report, assesses the industry and players performance and evaluates
more in depth trends in light of recent developments. Based on these considerations, it
highlights five key areas that could help distinguish leaders in the year ahead.

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