Since the Paris Conference of Parties (COP21) in 2015 there has been
a huge increase in countries’ ambitions to decarbonize. Around 70% of
the world’s carbon emissions are now covered by net zero targets and
pledges. But this rising ambition has yet to be translated into a decisive
reduction in emissions. The next big staging post for that challenge
will occur later this year in Glasgow, Scotland which will host COP26
– arguably the most important UN climate change conference since
the Paris meeting. I hope that, in years to come, we all talk about the
Glasgow Agreement with the same importance and reverence as we
do the Paris goals.
I sincerely believe that companies like bp with net zero ambitions,
coherent plans, and near, medium, and long-term aims – companies
that are committed to ‘greening’ – have a hugely significant part to play
in achieving the Paris goals. Yes, the world needs more low carbon
companies. But maybe more than anything, it also needs existing energy
companies to decarbonize and in so doing use their scale and expertise
to help bring about the deep and complex rewiring and replumbing of the
global energy system that the world wants and needs to see over the
next 30 years.
It will take producers and consumers, as well as companies,
governments, and society, all working together to bring about the
necessary change.

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