The European Green Deal is a plan to decarbonise the EU economy by 2050, revolutionise
the EU’s energy system, profoundly transform the economy and inspire efforts to combat
climate change. But the plan will also have profound geopolitical repercussions. The Green
Deal will affect geopolitics through its impact on the EU energy balance and global markets;
on oil and gas-producing countries in the EU neighbourhood; on European energy security;
and on global trade patterns, notably via the carbon border adjustment mechanism. At least
some of these changes are likely to impact partner countries adversely.
The EU needs to wake up to the consequences abroad of its domestic decisions. It should
prepare to help manage the geopolitical aspects of the European Green Deal. Relationships
with important neighbourhood countries such as Russia and Algeria, and with global players
including the United States, China and Saudi Arabia, are central to this effort, which can be
structured around seven actions….etc.

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