Startup Genome is the world-leading policy advisory and research organization
for public and private organizations committed to accelerating the success of their
startup ecosystem. We have advised more than 100 clients across six continents in
45+ countries to date.
Startup Genome’s mission is to accelerate startup success and ecosystem performance
everywhere, working together with global thought leaders and practitioners to define
and execute robust policies and programs that drive lasting change. Our impact
is rooted in over a decade of independent research with data on three million
companies across 280 cities.
Working side-by-side with more than 300 partner organizations, our frameworks
and methodologies have become instrumental in building foundations for startups
and startup ecosystems to grow. Many of the world’s leading governments and
innovation-focused organizations have joined our knowledge network to cut through
the complexities of startup ecosystem development and fuel sustained economic
growth. Considered the new science of startup ecosystem assessment, we point to
key gaps in startup ecosystems and prioritize actions to take in addressing them.

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