The Public Media Mergers Project was a collaborative effort that arose out of a mutual interest
and passion for understanding the current and emerging models for high-quality, sustainable
noncommercial journalism. We have many people and institutions to thank for their support
and engagement with the project.
We offer thanks first and foremost to this project’s partners and sponsors, especially Marc Hand
at PMVG, David Stoller and Ben Monnie at the Google News Initiative, and Tom Patterson at
the Shorenstein Center at the Harvard Kennedy School. We could not have conducted this
project without all of their support, help, and guidance throughout our research and beyond. We also thank Nancy Gibbs and Setti Warren at Shorenstein for their continual work to make an
institutional home for the research. We are grateful for the deep expertise and partnership of
Erin Moran and Evran Kavlak at Public Media Company (PMC) who built the set of diligence
tools that we present in the Playbook. We also thank PMC’s Terri Olsen and PMVG’s Liz
Maestri for their help with financial administration and key project logistics.

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