The world is at a critical juncture: it is very
different to where it was six years ago when it
committed to the goal of ending hunger, food
insecurity and all forms of malnutrition by

  1. At the time, while we understood that
    the challenges were significant, we were also
    optimistic that with the right transformative
    approaches, past progress could be accelerated,
    at scale, to put us on track to achieve that goal.
    Nonetheless, the past four editions of this report
    revealed a humbling reality. The world has
    not been generally progressing either towards
    Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target
    2.1, of ensuring access to safe, nutritious and
    sufficient food for all people all year round, or
    towards SDG Target 2.2, of eradicating all forms
    of malnutrition.
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