Kenya is one of the largest importers of second-hand
clothes in Sub-Saharan Africa because of its use and export
to other countries. The second-hand clothes industry
contributes to government revenues. The existence of
second-hand clothes is a demand-side issue rather than
a supply-side issue. For a considerable number of people,
incomes in the country can only support the buying of
second-hand clothes. This is a reflection on incomes rather
than whether the supply of new clothes and footwear is
The volume of imported second-hand clothes and
footwear reflect the domestic demand for these goods
among the Kenyan population. Therefore, it is essential
to examine the corresponding value of the imports. The
value of these imports for the corresponding years shows
that the nominal value of imports into Kenya has risen by
80% from Ksh 10 billion to 18 billion in the same six-year
period. What this growth in import volumes shows is that
along with the overall economic growth and the rise in
incomes, imports reflect the demand for second-hand
clothing among Kenyan households and that this industry
has supply stability.

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