The end of the Donald Trump administration in Washington
provided the opportunity to turn the page on a transatlantic relation‐
ship which had become poisoned by Trump’s personal high-handed‐
ness and pursuit of an ‘America “rst’ policy on everything from trade
to NATO. It may also allow of a closer relationship than under the
prior administration of Barack Obama, which preferred to ‘pivot’ to
the Pacific.
Following the Social Europe series supported by the Friedrich
Ebert Stiftung on the 2020 elections, this series, co-edited by Lauren
Schwarz of the FES, looks to how relationships between the US and
Europe could and should evolve over the coming years, up to two
Democrat presidential terms, across a raft of issues. Often—especially
from a ‘realist’ international-relations standpoint—the relationship is
conceived narrowly in security terms, with taken-for-granted assump‐
tions derived from the cold war as to what these terms must be.

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