German development Institute

The transition towards a green economy has become both a need and a reality
in most parts of the world. This implies accelerated diffusion of manifold
green technologies, which in turn opens up opportunities for domestic value
creation in terms of learning, localisation of supply chains and employment. An
important, but largely neglected, pre-condition for the effective development
and diffusion of green technologies and gains in competitiveness is the
presence of well-functioning national quality infrastructure (NQI) systems.
Quality infrastructure (QI) comprises standards, conformity assessment
(that is, inspection, testing and certification), metrology, accreditation and in
specific areas, technical regulation. QI is necessary for securing access to new
markets, improving competitiveness and productivity, enabling innovation
and ensuring environmental and consumer protection. Building up relevant
NQI capabilities early on in the transition to a green economy is, therefore,
decisive for effectively using, adapting and innovating technologies.

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