This is a time for science and solidarity, as United
Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has said,
highlighting the importance of trust in science and
of working together to respond to the global COVID-
19 pandemic.
The same holds true for our responses to the world
drug problem. To be effective, balanced solutions to
drug demand and supply must be rooted in evidence
and shared responsibility. This is more important
than ever, as illicit drug challenges become increasingly
complex, and the COVID-19 crisis and
economic downturn threaten to worsen their impacts,
on the poor, marginalized and vulnerable most of all.
Some 35.6 million people suffer from drug use disorders
globally. While more people use drugs in
developed countries than in developing countries,
and wealthier segments of society have a higher prevalence
of drug use, people who are socially and
economically disadvantaged are more likely to develop
drug use disorders.

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